Are You Trying to Sell Light to Blind People…?

Image courtesy-Todd Wasserman

(Image courtesy-Todd Wasserman)

Back in 2001, I used to work for a local Hindi newspaper in Delhi.

Once I was asked to write an editorial. The moment the editor looked at my work he made a weird face and said “Well, there will be some changes.” I looked forward to it so I may learn something new. But when I saw the ‘changes’, I was disappointed. My ideas were twisted just to make the piece sensational. .

And then it happened every time I wrote editorials. No matter how good I wrote, there were always some ‘changes.’ Finally I realized that it’s not my editorial that needs changes but my willingness to stay stuck in a place where my vision and ideas did not hold any value.

I quit that job.

Are you struggling in an organization to get your message across and failing again and again?

Are you losing faith in yourself?

There may be two reasons why this is happening to you.

Either you are trying to succeed in a field that’s not your forte.


You are trying to sell light to blind people.

So, which one is it?

Forcing Love to ‘Stay’


Beautiful flower

Love comes into your life on its on, it cannot be forced.

And a phenomenon that cannot be forced to come cannot be forced to stay either.

The moment you start forcing love to stay forever, things go south.

No, love cannot be forced to stay. All you can do is to be thankful for the beautiful moments it gave you.


What’s wrong with me?

Personal Development

Recently I consulted an eye specialist. “What’s the problem?” the doctor asked.

“Ah..well, I find it difficult to see clearly when the sun has set and the lighting is dim. I think there’s something wrong with my vision.”

She went through my test reports and said “Your vision is perfectly normal.”

“Oh..but then, why can’t see things clearly in dim lights” “Because no one can see things clearly when the lights are dim, that’s how things work.”

“You mean, there’s nothing wrong with my vision!?”

“No, absolutely not!”

Oh, What a relief! And I had been living under the impression that there’s something wrong with my vision, and how wrong I was.

Are you also living under some sort of impression that there’s something wrong with you?

If yes, then just take a deep breath and contemplate. You might just be having unrealistic expectations from yourself.

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