The Messiah Syndrome

Personal Development

Bearing the weight of the world on your shoulders

There are many people in the world suffering from ‘The messiah syndrome’.  Such people constantly live under the impression that they are the ‘Saviors’ of the world and if they don’t carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, it will fall down flat.

Pause for a second and contemplate if you also fall under this category.

You need to understand that this world has been in existence long before you were born and will continue to exist when you are long gone.

Making the world a better place and sacrificing your very own life in order to accomplish that are not the same things. Quite often it may be just an ego trip to prove to yourself that you are some special soul.


Putting Yourself Last

Personal Development

Putting yourself last

For many years, I had the tendency to put myself last, thinking that it was noble and kind on my part. And then, one day, I realized that it was nothing but foolish.


I hope you are not walking on that path. But if you are, then do something about it. Because putting yourself last is the last thing in the world that can do you any good.




The way of living life

We, humans, have a tendency to collect as much stuff as we possibly could, and it only appears logical to most of us since the future is always uncertain. We fear that that particular thing might not be available when we actually need it.

We get damn busy accumulating things, and, you know what, that imaginary need of ours rarely (or never) shows up, and then, sometimes, we wonder if are really living or just wasting our life collecting things (garbage).

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